Non-GMO Corn for Sale

With the expanding market of businesses that tout non-GMO corn for sale, it is more important than ever to choose a company that prides itself on its strong relationship with farmers and strict non-GMO grading standards. Clarkson Grain Company provides non-GMO corn for sale that is identity-preserved, non-GMO, and customized to meet your specific product and process requirements. We partner with dedicated farmers across the Midwest United States to provide premier non-GMO corn for sale for both food-grade and feed-grade needs.


At Clarkson Grain Company, our goal is to make the process of purchasing non-GMO corn for sale as easy and convenient as possible for our customers. Our knowledgeable team is happy to provide samples, discuss specific production demands, and answer any questions about grading standards or field inspection. Contact us today to learn more.  


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Food-Grade Non-GMO Corn for Sale


Purchasing Food-Grade Non-GMO Corn

In today's ever-evolving food industry, consumers are becoming increasingly conscious of the produce they put on their plates. With growing concerns about health, sustainability, and environmental impact, there is a rising demand for non-GMO produce. Clarkson Grain offers a large selection of non-GMO corn for sale that caters to a variety of food production needs. For food-grade clients producing items like tortilla chips, using non-GMO corn as the primary ingredient can appeal to health-conscious consumers seeking cleaner food options.


Clarkson Grain provides a variety of food-grade, non-GMO corn for sale for a multitude of food production needs, including:

 White Corn: Our non-GMO white corns are selected by hybrid through comparison testing to optimize process yield and market advantage. They are produced from both commercial and our exclusive hybrids to meet your specific product and process requirements. This high-quality, food-grade, non-GMO corn for sale is cleaned and ready to cook.


Yellow Corn: Clarkson Grain offers a range of yellow corn hybrids, each conveying a unique color, taste, endosperm hardness, water absorption rate, and other process features. In this non-GMO corn for sale, we avoid blending and supply our customers from a single variety, traceable to the farms where it was grown.


Indigo Blue Corn: Indigo blue corn makes fantastic corn chips and tasty tortillas (as well as cereals and snacks). Most other blue corns are open-pollinated; they vary kernel to kernel, farm to farm, and supplier to supplier. Clarkson Grain's hybrid Indigo blue corn is raised under non-GMO protocols in several locales, ensuring that your non-GMO corn for sale will be the same batch to batch, and year to year.


Waxy Dent Corn: Clarkson Grain's waxy dent corn hybrids deliver the functional benefits of nearly 100% amylopectin on waxy starch. Waxy dent corn works especially well as a thickener or stabilizer in pies, soups, baby foods, and similar processed foods. This non-GMO corn for sale is available in one white and two yellow waxy hybrids.


Red Corn: Perfect for distilleries, this non-GMO corn for sale is known for its unique color and flavor.


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Feed-Grade Non-GMO Corn for Sale

Feed-Grade Non-GMO Corn for Sale

As regulatory bodies around the world tighten their requirements over GMO labeling, sourcing non-GMO corn from reputable suppliers like Clarkson Grain Company ensures that feed-grade clients remain compliant with evolving standards. Our non-GMO corn for sale faces an in-house grading process to guarantee the product our clients receive is the highest quality available.


Clarkson Grain Company owns and operates its own commercial storage, cleaning, and handling facilities, as well as a barge station and rail sidings in Central Illinois. We utilize farm storage to segregate, store, dry, and stage deliveries, as well as certified commercial facilities. To gently move crops from farm to buyer, we also incorporate unusually low fall handling systems to ensure product quality.


Our non-GMO corn for sale can be purchased in varying sizes for customer requirements. Whether you need a 50-pound bag or 800 bushels, Clarkson Grain is ready to work with you.


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