Bringing Unique Non-GMO Specialty Corn and Soybeans to Foods

Clarkson Grain Company, Inc. is an Illinois-based grain, oilseed, and ingredient supplier to the food manufacturing and animal feed industries. We specialize in the growing, storage, and processing of Identity-Preserved, Non-GMO, and organic corn, soybeans, and soy ingredients. We procure our specialty corn and soybean raw materials from our grower-partners throughout the United States.


As licensed grain dealers and warehousemen, we offer several unique and exclusive corn hybrids including our Indigo Blue corn and a full selection of white corn and yellow corn. We also offer several unique and exclusive soybean varieties – high-yielding varieties that work well for beverages and foods.


Clarkson owns and operates its own commercial storage, cleaning, and handling facilities as well as an organic soy processing facility, barge station, and rail sidings located in central Illinois. We utilize farm storage to segregate, store, dry, and stage deliveries, as well as certified commercial facilities. To gently move crops from farm to buyer, we also incorporate unusually low fall handling systems to ensure product quality.


History of Clarkson

In 1974, Clarkson Grain was founded by the Clarkson family, which pioneered “Direct Delivery Marketing” to link farmers directly to end-users. By 1990, that system evolved into supplying selected Non-GMO, organic whole grains, and oilseeds to the food and feed industries.


In 2003, Clarkson Grain began extracting organic lecithin from organic soybeans. In 2012, Clarkson Grain acquired the assets of the former US Soy. We ship throughout the year by road, rail, and water to customers around the world.


Today, company founder Lynn Clarkson remains at the helm.  Despite our growth into a global enterprise, corporate offices remain in Cerro Gordo, Illinois, a small rural community three hours southwest of Chicago. We have not forgotten our roots.


Family-Owned. Employee-Owned.

At Clarkson, our employees are the key to our success. Together, we strive to serve our customers and growers with the highest level of service and respect. In partnership with the Clarkson family, our employees receive part ownership of Clarkson, fostering a team of hard-working, dedicated employees that take pride in their company’s success. Our Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) also provides investment benefits to help our employees achieve their retirement goals.


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