Grow for Clarkson…and Grow Your Farm Income

Clarkson has a unique business model when it comes to our farmer partners. We contract with farmers to produce, store, condition, and deliver select varieties of organic and Non-GMO corn and soybeans (maturity groups 2.8 through 4.6). We pay premiums to obtain what we need, when we need it and operate as a true business partner with our farmers. Clarkson helps them minimize risk and maximize profits through growing Non-GMO and organic row crops. This supply chain management structure is simple, transparent, and profitable for our farmer partners.


With our thorough identity preservation program, end-users of our Organic and Non-GMO corn and soybeans can and do visit the farms where their ingredient is grown. They appreciate being able to shake hands with the farmer who grew their Non-GMO or organic ingredients. Plus, our farmers know exactly how and where the fruits of their labor are being used.


Our farmers are proud to be part of the Clarkson family. We offer our growers:

  • Acre and bushel contracts with the “Act of God” clause
  • FOB farm or delivered
  • Storage premiums for grain held on-farm for deferred delivery
  • Flat or futures-basis price terms
  • Licensed grain dealer and warehouse security

We invite you to join us and cultivate more success for your farming operation.

Clarkson Seeks Qualified, Preferred Growers

Clarkson uses unique criteria to evaluate potential growing partners:

  • “Qualified” means you have the appropriate infrastructure, equipment, soils, and location.
  • “Preferred” refers to attitude and means that you appreciate the importance of pleasing your customer’s customers.

Most of our Clarkson growers are located in the United States and Canada.


Contact us if you are a grower that is interested in contracting and/or selling.


Download our Growers sales sheet.

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