Specialty Soy

Identity Preserved Non-GMO & Organic

Identity Preserved Non-GMO & Organic

First of all, we contract with farmers for our Non-GMO soybeans. All of our seed varieties are developed through natural genetic selection techniques. Clarkson has worked with major universities and private companies to develop our soy genetics through natural breeding programs.


Clarkson has varieties that express unique characteristics, providing added benefits to our food processing customers. Some are clear hilum beans. Some are bred to minimize the typical “beany” soy taste. As a result, they have minimal flavor impact in processed products like soy flour. The varieties used for roasting are bred to provide a nutlike crunchiness as well as a light golden color and pleasing flavor after roasting.

Your challenge is to select varieties that optimize your products. Clarkson works together with you to achieve the results you want with a consistent supply of high-quality Non-GMO soybeans for food, including Certified Organic and Certified Transitional specifications.


Clarkson specialty soybeans are:

  • Non-GMO
  • Identity-Preserved – traceable to American farms
  • Contracted directly with farmers in the Midwestern USA
  • Cleaned to your specifications, ready to cook
  • Shipped on your schedule in bulk or bag
  • Delivered by truck, container or rail
  • Organic and Certified Transitional also available
  • Clear or dark hilum and high protein varieties available
  • Samples sent upon request

Contact us to discuss which Non-GMO soybean hybrid is right for you.