Clarkson Grain becomes part of U.S. Identity Preserved


Clarkson Grain recently became certified to use the U.S. Identity Preserved logo explained below: 


"A U.S. Identity Preserved grain or oilseed is grown in the United States and has specific desirable traits maintained through each step of production and transportation to the end-user, using a specific, written, verifiable identity preserved system or plan. IP grains and oilseeds are segregated and can be defined by variety, type, modification, region of origin, or growing practice, assuring the product meets the buyer’s needs.

The U.S. Identity Preserved mark stands for quality, and that is assured through the great care taken by IP companies, farmers and others at every step of the IP process. Verified users of the mark agree to an eight-step Assurance Plan that ensures the integrity of their product from the seed to the end-user" (U.S. IP website).


We look forward to using the mark and thereby representing the standards it signifies.