Lynn Clarkson Continues Public Service with U.S. Food Industry

After multiple terms on the Board of Directors of the Organic Trade Association, Clarkson President, Lynn Clarkson, has continued his public service by engaging in the national dialogue on the U.S. food system.


His recent activities include:

  • Member of AC-21, the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture’s Advisory Committee
  • USDA and U.S. Trade Representative’s (USTR) joint Agricultural Technical Advisory Committee for Trade in Grains, Feed, Oilseeds and Planting Seeds
  • Invited speaker at the Silicon Valley AgTech Conference
  • Invited testimony for the Illinois House of Representatives Committee on Agriculture
  • Invited speaker at the National Soybean Research Lab, International Short Course on Processing and Marketing of Soybeans for Meat, Dairy, and Baking Applications
  • Invited speaker at the North American Agricultural Biotechnology Council
  • Invited speaker at the North American Millers Association Corn Dry Milling Conference

Expect to see more of Lynn during the winter meeting circuit.